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Thinking of buying or selling a home? Let us help make this important decision a success. Whether you are buying or selling a house, we will take all the guess work out and give you a concise and detailed inspection report on your existing home or on a perspective new dwelling so that you can make a sound and comfortable decision. Affordable and efficient, we strive for excellence in helping you sell or buy a home. 

Our Inspection Services covers the Greater Montreal Area and further! We offers the following inspections:

Home Buyer, Pre-Purchase


As a perspective home buyer you need a clear idea of the building you are buying. This is where we come in. We will make you aware of the risks of all future repair costs before you purchase. Major defects can be costly but for an affordable fee, our home inspection is an essential solution for safeguarding such an important investment. Our professional home inspector will take notes on the condition and operation of all the components tested and all of the information will be forwarded back to you in a concise and detailed inspection report.

Home Seller, Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing home inspections are crucial when selling a home. Many sales may be cancelled on the basis that the buyer was not aware of the condition of your home. The inspector’s reports are a secure way of letting homeowners, prior to placing their home on the market, identify and either repair or disclose the issues found. Therefore, a pre-listing inspection could help sell your house faster and more efficiently. Knowing about the existing problems in advance, can help the seller decide to either fix or disclose the problems to the perspective buyer.

Limited (Walk Through)


We will walk through the property together and give you an idea of the investment necessary before you make an offer. Obvious flaws and shortcomings will be identified. This economical and quick option will give you an edge in vying for property in todays competitive market.

NOTE: There is no written report with this type of inspection.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

An infrared thermotherapy inspection (survey) is the next level of building diagnostics. We use Infrared Cameras with every inspection at no extra cost. When properly implemented, Thermal Camera Technology allows  home inspectors to see beyond the ordinary and expose two of the most crucial elements of a safe and comfortable home. Infrared thermography act as an energy audit of your home, this can have significant impact on your heating costs, empowering you to make the changes needed for more energy-efficient home. Anomalies identified with the IR camera are backed up with moisture meter readings.

Infrared thermotherapy can help pinpoint hidden defects such as:

  • Building envelop air leakage (doors, windows, poor insulated walls)
  • Water infiltration (Roof, foundation wall, ...) 
  • HVAC problems (blockage, poorly sealed ductwork, ...)
  • Inadequate or improperly applied flashing or sealants
  • Electrical Problems (faulty wiring, overload and overheating)
  • Moisture Intrusion and accumulation
  • Floor heating system issue (water and electrical)
  • Poorly insulated pipes, walls, attic, crawlspace, door, windows and electric outlets.
  • Potential mold growth in the walls and ceiling.

Not every IR camera is good...

We are using FLIR E40bx with patented precision MSX technology to detect any kinds of flaws.

Inspection Process

Your inspection will be conducted in accordance with interNACHI-Quebec standards of Practice, including following steps:

  1. Read and sign "Inspection Service Agreement" according to "Chiefly Residential Immovable"
  2. Introductory discussion on inspection site 
  3. Carry out technical inspection 
  4. Review and recording the inspection findings
  5. Review "Seller's Declaration" with client
  6. Answer client queries and concerns
  7. Read and sign "Certification of Execution Agreement"
  8. Send the inspection report (pdf version) with 48 hours.

Inspection Duration 

  • Single Family Home: 2-3 Hours ( depends on the size of dwelling)
  • Condominium: 1.5-2 Hours 


All our inspections include:

  • Moisture Detection and Testing
  • Infrared Scanning (Thermography Inspection)
  • Air Quality Testing (VOCs & Formaldehydes detection)
  • Detailed Online Report (PDF copy) 
  • Unlimited Call Support 

Our Service for Realtors:

  • Guarantee for 48 Hours report turnaround
  • Never, never and never scare a customer
  • Agent tools - Auto generated repair/action list
  • Discount on future inspections

Limitation and general exclusions of the inspection

The inspection consists of a visual examination of the building`s systems and components which are readily accessible as listed in the InterNACHI-Quebec Standard of Practice and will be carried out in accordance with this Standard. 

The InterNACHI-Quebec Standard of Practice determines the requirements and limitations of the inspection.

You’re welcome to accompany us on your home inspection. However, for your safety and ours, we ask that you don’t follow us up  onto the roof, attic or crawlspace.

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