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Inspecting for the unexpected

Your home is one of your biggest investments. Whether you are buying or selling, a high quality home inspection provides the valuable information you need to make sound decision and avoid costly mistake.

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Detached Home 

Semi-attached Home

Row House (Townhouse)

Condominium Apartment 

  • Use a recognized inspection "Service Agreement" 
  • Perform inspection according to recognized building inspection standard (InterNACHI-Quebec) 
  • Submit a clear, concise and comprehensive written inspection report within 48 hours (same day option available)
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • Inspection coverage with professional liability insurance (Error & Emissions)

Why Us?

We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting with our service.


Our customers trust us to be their eyes in places they’ll never likely see during the entire time they own their home. We will always make sure you know if we couldn’t see it with our own eyes or technology.


We always use IR Thermal Cameras during inspections at no additional cost. We use digital moisture meters to ensure we are not missing one of the most damaging scenarios for a home- water penetration.

Quality Information to make Informed Decisions

We are trained to go beyond the standards that guide our industry to make sure our customers get all the data necessary for them to make informed decisions.

Total Commitment to Customer Needs

In order to perform a quality home inspection we need to access and investigate areas of the home that can be left alone for long periods of time. We are sensitive to the fact that we are visitors to the home we are inspecting and always leave homes in the manner which we find them. If you have specific needs, questions, or concerns about our procedures, call us, we'd love to speak with you.

Our guarantee is to always communicate calmly, concisely and with honestly, by doing this, we will proudly stand behind every home inspection performed and continue to be available to our customers shall they have any questions about their homes.

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inter-NACHI Quebec Standards of Practice


ATTENTION  - According to "international Association of certified Home inspectors of Quebec (AIIICQ)" standards of practice (SOP) :

  • Home inspection is attentive and visual, intended to point out to the eventual buyer faults noted at the time of the inspection. Apparent defects as well as signs that lead the inspector to suspect hidden faults will be noted. It is not intended to predict the future state of the building or hidden faults or latent faults.
  • It is not a technically exhaustive or building code compliance inspection. It is intended to inspect systems and components that are readily accessible.
  • It does not include destructive measures permitting to see inside walls, ceilings, pipes or mechanical systems or any other space that is inaccessible, hidden or non-verifiable.

  • The inspection does not guarantee the absence of hidden faults nor does it allow the inspector to see latent conditions. Nonetheless, it is carried out in a rigorous fashion to uncover signs or indications of a possible defect.

  • The inspection does not constitute any kind of guarantee.

  • When a sufficient number of clues lead the inspector to suspect that a potential major deficiency or defect exists in one of the building systems or components, the inspector must recommend a technically exhaustive inspection by a specialist as the Standard of Practice does not cover technically exhaustive inspections.

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